Every Woman Has a Story

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Here on wordpress.com I delightfully found a lot of liveliness flowering around. Would really love to say “Thank you” to Titi and Tobi, my two lovely friends, who were my inspiration for immersing myself in writing blogs again.

As seen on  the title saying “every woman has a story”, I would personally like to say that it is such an undoubtedly complete phrase and gracefully finished by itself which could softly describe the significant of being a woman. It unintentionally came into my head when I was wondering what should be a nice and easy conceptual main idea which visualizes the way of being a ci-ne-ma‘s woman, and I smiled to myself as if I have finally found, again, myself.

It is not said that I have successfully created an innovation of linguistics though, hehe :), it is something so simply, tranquil, and endless, which would ordinarily be found in any conversation about women’s life when one would appreciatingly says “Oh dear, every woman has her own story” or some kind of thing. Well, I am talking about the respect for individuals, the admiration on one’s experience, and the touch of sentiment.

Here I found an interesting titled book, by chance, which I say I would have once read it. See how readers have commented for Daryl Ott Underhill on Amazon.com ..

Every Woman Has a Story
Eevery Woman Has a Story is a delightful read. I was impressed with the clever and yet simple idea of compiling a collection of personal stories, crossing socio-economic, ethnic, levels of education and age bounderies. The stories are as different as the women who wrote them, and yet the common thread is that of poignancy, honesty, a struggle to survive and grow, and a touch of humor thrown in for good measure. Some of the stories are simple, others more complex. I found them all to be human, tender and touching. I was particularly moved by Paula Silverberg’s “Leap And The Net Will Appear”. The charming tale of a young woman whose courage and determination in addressing a childhood disappointment, prompted her to face the “failure”, muster the challenge, and, as an adult, emerge triumphant. A lesson for us all – “Feel the fear, but do it any way”. As an added bonus I found the size and shape of the book to be reminiscent of a personal journal, and reading its content made it so much more endearing. Bravo to the ladies as well as the compiler! May we expect another collection soon?




~ by cinematize on 7 August 2008.

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