ci-ne-ma feat. Nicole Gilliam

The other night I got an sms from my beloved friend Nikky, Nicole Gilliam, a New Yorker independent indy Photographer and Filmmaker, who was here in Milan during her great adventure of discovering life, herself, and careers. We really had a good time together especially when living in the same home-sweet-home, undissembledly sharing our own experiences to each other. One of those things was particularly found as a topic about love. Isn’t it classic??


That was what she said.

I doubted that it was a big surprised conclusion of “Mistaken”, a short film project, which we had collaborated in both ideas and production processes during the end of 2007 before she left Milan heading back to where she was supposedly belongs to, the New York City.

Wow .. It has been a year but feels just like I last saw her on last Sunday though. I do really miss you my good friend, eventhough I just couldn’t actually get what did you say sometimes with that NYC’s native accent but I have learned from you a lot how to speak American English. Thanks dude!



“Mistaken” is a short film project of Nicole Gilliam about one girl who is trying to escape from her unknown world. Courageously departed itself from a serie of photo shooting structured by her fastidious story board, in collaboration with PiYA.PONG*, Designer of ci-ne-ma, who originates the costumes for her invited Actress Sasha. “Siamo pronti?!”, is what our imported Siberian friend of us was yet kindly saying while we were already freezing!! Sasha lives her life in Italy as a Russian guide and translator as well as taking her part-time pleasure starring in some indy movies of Italian filmakers. Thankfully for an adorable assist by Tiago, a Portughese one-child-father Lighting Man and Photographer who was unforgetably the Knight.


To be continued.


~ by cinematize on 8 November 2008.

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  1. wonderful phrases, beautifully written, I totally enjoyed it!

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